Sage, Accenture, and Arnold Clark Help Bring Career Skills To North-East Schools

September 11, 2023
Sage, Accenture, and The Arnold Clark Foundation partner with M10 to deliver career skills workshops for Year 10 students in the North East
Sage, Accenture, and Arnold Clark Help Bring Career Skills To North-East Schools

In the noisy hallways of a large secondary school in Killingworth, North Tyneside, something exciting was brewing. As part of or mission to deliver transformative careers education, M10 and a team of industry professionals rocked up at George Stephenson High School for "Represent”, a day of career focused workshop sessions for Year 10 students.

Students in Classroom

Game-Changing Partnerships

M10 works in partnership with our business sponsors to run Represent once a term in different schools across the North East. We believe "Represent," is a game-changer, where industry experts swap places with teachers to bring a fresh approach to learning.

Jane Austin Wave Utilities
Jane Austin from Wave Utilities

It's no secret that traditional school often focuses on textbooks and exams. But we know that career success demands more than just acing tests. Practical skills, critical thinking, and confidence are essential for navigating the challenges ahead.

Student Activity

Sessions Include

These workshops were all about hands-on experience. From nailing video communication to body language, the students were in for a ride.

  • Strengths & Abilities
  • Body Language
  • Presentation Skills
  • Interview Preparation
  • Interview Practice
  • Raising Aspirations
Stephen Riley M10
Stephen Riley | M10 CEO

Practical Insights

During the day, students were actively engaged, soaking up insights.The advice wasn't theoretical mumbo-jumbo; but practical sessions directly tied to the situations these students would face in the future.

Students had discovered that while textbooks had their place, they needed more to tackle the world. They needed the tools to handle emotions, solve problems, and bounce back from setbacks.

Student Activity

Represent ignited a spark that blended classroom learning with real-world practice. No more "we never had that in our time" stories. Instead, the future was all about preparedness, adaptability, and growth.

Preparation For The Future

Armed with practical skills and a newfound mindset, these students are better prepared to embarked on the next step of their journey. The classroom had paved the way, but the real world was waiting. The skills they had gained weren't just for job interviews; but skills for life.

Paul Weedon Communications
Paul from Paul Weedon Communications

Invest In Young People

This and events like it are sponsored by businesses who really want to have a marked impact on the lives of young people. We really value the sponsorship that has come from Sage, Accenture & The Arnold Clark Foundation, we simply can’t run these kind of events without them.

Student Exercise

Could Your Business Help?

If you are interested in sponsoring this event in the future, or find out other ways your business can partner with M10, click here to find out more about our Business Partnerships.

We also appreciate the support from our wonderful team of voluntary workshop leaders:

Students in classroom

Delivering Transformative Careers Education

School Programmes
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Creating Positive Careers' Experiences for Future Generations

Business Partnerships
Tony March
Paul Weedon
Andrew Young
Tino Zisengwe
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Anthony Pollard
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