Our Masterclass program offers practical and engaging workshops designed to help students develop confidence and essential skills for interviews, presentations, public speaking, and personal statement writing.

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Preparing Students For College, University, Apprenticeships & Job Interviews

Navigating interviews and presentations is challenging, especially for teenagers who may struggle with self-confidence or lack positive role models to look up to. However, with our dynamic, tailored instruction and guidance, students develop the confidence needed to approach these situations skilfully, improving their performance and increasing their chances of success.

M10 Masterclasses are designed to equip students with essential life skills that are valuable both now and in the future. Masterclasses address the challenges, fears, and common mistakes people make when preparing for presentations and interviews. M10 Masterclasses provide students with invaluable insights and enhanced preparation for both their current academic journey and their future endeavours.

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Tools And Strategies To Thrive

M10 Masterclasses offer dynamic tools and strategies that empower students to thrive. Led by experts, each session builds upon the last, ensuring that every new insight and skill is meaningful, impactful, and sets the stage for ongoing success in the present and future.

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Session 1
Strengths & Abilities

During this session, students will practically engage in an in-depth exploration of positive character traits and develop the skills to effectively support their answers with concrete evidence or examples. We delve into the crucial need for self-awareness, and the significant influence that self-perception can hold on the formation of our identity.

Session 2
Body Language

In this session, we focus on the five most critical techniques for utilising body language effectively. We begin by discussing how to make a strong first impression through nonverbal communication and move on to strategies for maintaining positive body language throughout interactions. Finally, we explore techniques for ending an interaction on a positive note through effective use of nonverbal cues. The goal of this session is to help students improve their communication skills and better understand the role that body language plays in social interactions.

Session 3
Presentation Skills

During this session, students will have the opportunity to deliver a short presentation. They will gain insights from examples of an effective presentation as well as one that illustrates common pitfalls to avoid. Students apply the techniques and strategies they have acquired in previous sessions to confidently convey their message. Students will be provided with constructive feedback and their peers will offer valuable perspective through a peer evaluation process.

Session 4
Interview Preparation

Throughout this session, we focus on strategies for effectively preparing for an interview. By utilising the knowledge and skills we have acquired in previous sessions, we practise actively promoting ourselves in a positive and confident manner, while also incorporating effective body language during the interview process. Students learn what interviewers are looking for in certain answers and how practising answering interview questions is essential.

Session 5
Interview Practice

Continuing from the 4th session, students engage in simulated interview exercises to apply the knowledge and skills they have acquired through previous sessions. During these mock interviews, students collaborate with their peers to gain familiarity with the interview process. Afterwards, they participate in a role-playing scenario where they are interviewed for a fictitious university program, with only a select few being deemed "accepted" into the program. The class then engages in a constructive feedback session where students provide insights on why certain individuals were chosen for the program. This exercise serves as an opportunity for students to gain real-world experience and improve their interview skills.

Session 6
Raising Aspirations

This bespoke session is designed to assist students in exploring a diverse range of career options. This includes comprehensive information about entry routes, necessary qualifications, starting salaries, potential wage growth prospects, various roles within the industry, and available job opportunities at both local and national levels. By fostering this understanding, students gain a sense of empowerment, enabling them to make confident decisions regarding their future careers.

What Schools Say About Masterclass

M10 Masterclasses provide a comprehensive and holistic approach to personal and future development, giving students the tools and strategies they need to succeed in both their studies and their future careers.

"I had an interview with the Police Cadets and I was the only person from my group to be accepted. They called me back in to tell me that I was the only person ever to receive top marks on how I presented myself, how good my body language was and how well prepared I was for the interview."


"Thank you once again for the impact you have made on the students through these masterclasses. Each one has been fantastic. Last night's session being tailored to their interests was incredible.”


"I have learned more about the importance of preparing and attacking each situation with positivity."


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