Through a combination of workshops, personalised coaching and visits to a variety of industry sectors, colleges and universities, students are able to see how their engagement in education now can propel them into the future they want.

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Inspiring Academic Engagement By Raising Aspirations

Some students struggle to engage in their learning and for some, limited exposure or lack of awareness of the opportunities available to them after GCSEs can mean that they lack aspiration for their future. Many have no idea what they want to do when they leave school and this, in turn, can negatively affect their engagement in the classroom.

Momentum opens students’ eyes to the exciting possibilities that lie beyond secondary school and the choices they have post-16. By having something to aim for and work towards, students become more motivated, more resilient and more able to make sense of their learning journey now.

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Inspire To Engage

Momentum not only opens a student's eyes to the exciting opportunities that are available to them as a career option, but educates and teaches skills to research the pathways into, and opportunities within, that industry. From grades needed and study options, to starting salaries and progression within that industry, students feel empowered and equipped to begin to make positive choices about their future.

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Part 1
Workplace Visit

What better way to begin to understand an industry sector than by visiting and talking to people working within that industry? We arrange group visits to a mix of businesses and further education establishments to inspire and raise the aspiration of students who, without the programme, would have limited exposure to the career opportunities around them.

Part 2
Research Workshops

Workshops are designed to give students time to develop a deeper understanding of an industry sector. This includes routes into and qualifications required, starting wage and pay progression opportunities, roles within the sector, local and national job opportunities etc.

Part 3
1-2-1 Coaching

As students develop an understanding of the world of work and their future prospects, coaching creates a space to explore their choices and helps guide the student through goal setting, planning and actioning those steps. Students can thrive under the combination of support, guidance, accountability and taking responsibility.

Open Students' Eyes To Different Industries

Students visit a range of workplaces. Businesses get to share insights into their sector and inspire the students. Below is a selection of our Business Partners on the Momentum Programme.

What People Say About Momentum

M10 Momentum provide a comprehensive and holistic approach to personal and future development, giving students the tools and strategies they need to thrive in both their studies and their future careers.

"I can't believe that I've actually discovered something that I might want to do. I didn't even know that job existed. I'm going to have to work hard now to get my GCSEs then, if I want to go to college!"


"What an incredible experience - the students were all so engaged and inspired!"


"It gives me personal pride to have been involved in helping  make a difference and look forward to working with more learners in the future."

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