Funding Boost Propels M10's Mission for Inclusive Careers Education in the Northeast

December 5, 2023
Funding from Sir James Knott and the Wilan Trust support M10's ongoing work
Funding Boost Propels M10's Mission for Inclusive Careers Education in the Northeast

In a bid to foster equity and broaden the scope of transformative careers education in the Northeast, M10 has recently secured funding from two well known Trusts: the Sir James Knott Trust and The Wilan Trust.

The financial injection is set to pave the way for a more inclusive and diverse range of opportunities for young individuals, thereby addressing the pressing issue of student disadvantage prevalent in the UK.

Highlighting the significance of equity in education, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) emphasises that supporting children in need is pivotal for cultivating informed and well-educated citizens—the bedrock of resilient societies and stronger economies in the future.

Whilst the stark reality of soaring student disadvantage prevails, we recognise that addressing this issue goes beyond mere statistical quotations. Impactful change necessitates a multifaceted approach, employing various methods and models to empower students for a more robust future.

Beyond conventional provisions for students, external input from diverse providers plays a crucial role in guiding students with sensitivity, fostering character development for future endeavours.

Our work with young people revolves around equipping them with tools, examples, and models to facilitate their progress irrespective of their current circumstances. Our organisation conveys a key message to these individuals: "Your Now Is Not Forever."

We acknowledge the detrimental effects of uncertainty on young people, particularly those grappling with poverty. Overcoming a 'poverty mindset' is deemed more challenging than poverty itself, as it involves dispelling the belief that circumstances will perpetually remain unchanged.

“With the generous funding received, we aim to intensify mentorship initiatives for students residing in deprived areas of the region. The objective is to elevate their aspirations for the world of work, providing access to a broad spectrum of possibilities through diverse services.”

The focus is on transforming young individuals with low aspirations, limited opportunities, and barriers hindering their personal and academic development. The funding will also be instrumental in up-skilling more young people in various aspects of careers education, enabling them to approach future interviews with confidence.

REPRESENT is a classic example of a programme we use to collaborate with professionals in business who offer their time to help raise confidence in students for future success.  This has a dual purpose, highlighting future needs for students when they need to present themselves in a formal setting and providing the students with access to professionals with great networks..

M10 Mentor and Workshop Presenter

Paul Weedon is a Video Communications Coach and over the past year he has been supporting our work with young people through our Represent programme.

Sometimes you can see someone's potential shine through immediately.
This was certainly my experience with a student I met at a recent Represent event for M10.  This particular student had a very clear idea of wanting to work in my specialist area, media.  And after we had a further video call, with her teacher present, she impressed me further with a series of well thought through and intelligent questions.  I have now connected her to two senior media executives in London, with practical work experience planned I know that she is going to thrive given the opportunity.  And I'm proud to be a part of her journey.”

Paul represents a cadre of businessmen contributing their knowledge to the younger generation through the Represent programme, embodying the transformative impact M10 seeks. We are so grateful not only for the support from Trusts but also from businesses actively seeking creative ways to engage in social impact. Connect with us via our contact form to contribute to transforming the future of young people in the UK.

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