Aviation Academy Inspires Year 10 Students

September 11, 2023
As part of our Momentum programme, M10 took a group of students from North Tyneside Secondary Schools to help raise aspirations for further education and to explore career options in the aviation industry.
Aviation Academy Inspires Year 10 Students

Education is not just about textbooks and classrooms; it's about broadening horizons, igniting passions, and inspiring students to dream big. As part of our commitment to providing transformative careers guidance, our Momentum Programme recently took a group of secondary school students to the Aviation Academy. The goal? To elevate their aspirations and help them envision a life beyond the classroom.

The Aviation Academy, located in the heart of our city, is a hub of innovation, knowledge, and aviation expertise. It served as the perfect backdrop for our young students to explore exciting possibilities and gain valuable insights into a world they might have never imagined.

Students with airplane

Challenging Perceptions

For some, the idea of further education post-16 conjures up images of more classrooms, more books, more writing. When students believe that this is their only option for further education, we see them switch off and disengage from learning. Coming to the Aviation Academy challenges perceptions of what education looks like after school.

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Raising Aspirations

Rod, a lecturer, aspiration raiser and incredible communicator, took the students on a tour of the college's facilities. Students were able to sit in airplanes, explore the classroom on-board a plane, observe the intricacies of the wiring and connections in a wing, role play air-hostessing, ask questions about the course, opportunities, requirements and careers available. Rod inspired our students and helped them to see the purpose of their education NOW and how it would positively impact their future.

"That was literally the best day of my life. I totally want to come here." - Student

The success of our Momentum programme relies on businesses, organisations and educational establishments opening their doors to our students and helping them to envision a future that goes beyond traditional classroom boundaries, developing an understanding of real-world opportunities, and inspiring them to consider their passions with determination and purpose. We are so grateful to Rod and the Aviation Academy for their continued investment and passion they have for young people in the North East.

"Raising the aspirations of young people is about reminding them that "you don't know what you don't know." This applies not only to the mysteries of the world but also to their future education and career opportunities. By inspiring curiosity and exploration, we empower them to discover the diverse educational paths and career possibilities available to them, encouraging them to dream bigger and strive for a future they might not have envisioned otherwise."

The students we took to the Aviation Academy left with a new insight into education post-16, and a greater understanding of why school is so important now.

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