Q. How Much Does It Cost

A. The cost for each trip differs due to the fluctuation in flight prices we are unable to set a specific balance. However, the costs will be presented at each showcase event.


Q. When Can We apply For 2020

A.We usually open applications after we have delivered an assembly in your school. Please get in touch to find out when that will be.


Q. What is the application Process

A.An application form needs to be filled out by each potential volunteer, this is available on our website.

If you are accepted, you will receive an ‘Application Pack’ through the post within a week of the Application deadline.

The ‘Application Pack’ includes; a contract to be signed by parent & child (unless you are 18+); information on obtaining an ESTA to travel with us (to be completed and sent to the office- these cost around $14) a request for a photocopy of an up to date passport; a passport sized photograph of the volunteer; a request for a £200 deposit (non-refundable); a list of dates for volunteers to attend monthly training sessions, and of any meetings for parents to attend.

We will also include information about payment to M10.

Q. are vaccinations required

A. Yes, these will differ with each trip and you will be notified at the showcase event the ones specific to the trip applied for.


Q.what does m10 stand for

A. M10 stands for Mission for 10 days.

Q. do you offer support for fundraising

A. We offer support through our training sessions and through individual contact to raise the money required for the trip.

Q.what if we cant make the show case event

A. We want you to have all the information needed in order to alleviate any fears or concerns. If you are unable to attend any meetings, please email or call us to arrange an individual meeting. This may be done via phone, video call or in person.

Q.i have a friend who would love to go on m10, but they didn’t see the presentation

A. That’s fine; you do not have to have seen an M10 Missions presentation to apply. Parents permission to apply is a must.

Q.do you have to be a christian to go

A. No. M10 Missions is a Christian run Charity and we welcome people from all religious backgrounds to join us on M10 trips. There is no favouritism towards those with a faith in our application process. We do, however, request that any faith or religion is respected while on the course. Discrimination of any kind (race / gender / sexuality) will not be tolerated.

Q.how many houses do you build

A. The amount of houses built is dependent on the amount of funds raised and size of the team. To date, our maximum build on a single trip was three houses. We partner with YWAM (Youth With A Mission), on each build.

Q.if i have already been on a trip can i do it again

A. Yes. Previous volunteers are welcomed on every trip. Please speak to Steve if you wish to be considered for our ‘Core Leadership Programme.’

Q.how do i get you to come to my school

A. Use the Contact Us page to get in touch with us and let us know who your Head of Year is so that we can send them an email directly or, ask them yourself and give them our details

Q. what specifically do you do for the homeless in mexico

A. We partner with YWAM and Homes of Hope to build durable houses that will provide adequate shelter. Many of the families we build for have make shift houses, made out of wood, bits of cardboard, blankets and what ever they can lay their hands on. That's fine in the summer however, as soon as wind and rainy season comes, their homes fall apart and then they have to go looking for other resources to build again.