Through the Eyes of the CEO II ‘A Teenagers’ Dream’

Last night, my wife and I sat down with a volunteer who had been on this years’ trip and were compleStephen Rileytely blown away and inspired by what they were saying.  Only half way through the ten days that we were in Ensenada did we begin to see some of the changes in this individual.  Last night she shared with us where she felt she had arrived at as a young teenager “that what I’ve been doing, I want to do for the rest of my life”.  She shared.  She then began to speak so passionately about how she felt regarding some of the projects she had been involved in and what it meant to her, she spoke about the messages she wanted to convey to those she had met in Ensenada; it was so real and so passionate and so full of life.  A month on and she still feels as driven as she was when she was there.

When I had my dream back in 2008 of bringing young people from the North East to serve amongst people in poverty stricken areas, little did I know that in less than 10 years, I would hear what I heard last night.  Whether or not this teenagers’ dream is fulfilled (wanting to spend her  life with the poor and also send clothes, toys, resources to those in need), last night, we had the privilege of seeing the joy, hearing the passion and feeling the vibe of a teenagers’ dream.

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