Meet the Team

  • Kate Elsworth

    I currently volunteer as administrative support for M10 Missions. M10 provides a year round opportunity for our next generation of adults here in the North East to grow in confidence and gain invaluable life skills. In turn, when in Mexico, the projects there rely on teams like M10 Missions to impact the poor communities through providing life changing practicalities and services. I quickly became passionate about the importance of encouraging the community here in the North East to recognise the needs of others around the world and the positive influence, and impact, each individual can make.

  • Syd Niven

    M10 Missions is about changing lives. Through M10 Missions, young people experience a life changing opportunity through a period of quality training, with exposure to new ideas and perspectives, ahead of a challenging trip abroad exposed to the real challenges of poverty in other cultures. Being part of M10 Missions, learning about themselves, about the power of working together in teams and how they can ‘make a difference’ in a troubled world, helps lay a foundation for their years ahead – as well as forever changing the lives of the families abroad with their new homes. An unforgettable and life-changing experience. I’m in!

  • Dean Titterton

    M10 missions is a great initiative for young people, especially in the North-East. It opens them up to a world where contrary to popular belief, they can make a difference to the world's poor. I am involved with M10 Missions because I want us to be able to do all we can to encourage young people to make a difference; not only in their lives but also in the lives of others less fortunate than themselves

  • Adam Carmichael

    In 2011 I experienced an M10 Missions trip for myself, I didn’t really know what to expect; it felt so good to make a difference to families living in poverty.  I wanted to continue supporting the work of M10; by helping out behind the scenes I feel like I am able play my part

  • Stephen Riley

    I wake up thinking about M10 Missions, I love what it stands for and wholeheartedly embrace its desire to serve the poor and marginalised in our world. I also love it because it benefits the students we take in such a powerful way. It’s a holistic project.

  • Nikki Carmichael

    I believe whole-heartedly in the mission of M10. It’s practically getting out in to the world and working towards changing the lives of those who really need it. The beauty of M10 is it encourages and facilitates young people to make that change.

  • Anthony Pollard

    M10 Missions provides a Win/Win for different groups of people whose lives are changed for the better - a) the young people who come on a trip are trained on an accredited course and learn new life skills and learn about a new culture before they go, they achieve something of lasting value both for themselves and the recipients by building a good quality new home that is gifted to them b) the Mexican family that receives a new home.

  • Jane Pollard

    Having been on 2 mission trips with Libby before I became a trustee, I really love and believe in what M10 Missions does in Mexico and what it does for the young people who go on a trip.